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Who can submit it to The FRENCH Magazine?

Anyone who worked on the creation of the photos submitted, with the permission of the people involved. Please no photos taken with the phone!

When will I hear back from you?
We try our best to reply to everyone as quickly as possible, it can take 7-14 days for us to reply, and if you don't hear from us within 15 days of your submission, then your submission was most likely unsuccessful or got rejected.

What are your deadlines and when will I get published?
Every issue has a specific release date and for more information on deadlines, contact us here or over Instagram. However, we may publish you in the following issue depending on the volume of submissions and submissions with priorities (Submissions Pro)

Can I get free copies?

No, we are unable to provide free print copies but we provide tear sheets over Instagram of all of your work published with us.

What is Submissions Pro?

Submissions Pro offers Exclusive benefits over regular submissions. There's a Submission Pro for everyone to choose from. You can select from Express Review, Highlight Feature, Competiton for Cover, Front Cover & Pro Feature.​ These Submissions Pro comes with exciting benefits like Priority to submission & service, Free Copies, Money Back Guarantee and many more.

Can I be featured on the cover?

​Yes! To be featured on the cover page, you can use Front Cover Submissions Pro. This provides assured featuring on the cover. Or you can participate in Competiton for Cover, where the winner is decided on the basis of votes.

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